Secretary Cao Lubao Visits SCIHOME

On June 21st, Secretary Cao Lubao of the Municipal Party Committee conducted a research visit to the Beiqiao Street and Huangdai Town in Xiangcheng District, focusing on the development of local industries. The visit aimed to earnestly implement the requirements set forth by the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee regarding the thematic education campaign. Secretary Cao emphasized the adherence to Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, the comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, and the strengthening of planning guidance.

During the visit, Secretary Cao stressed the importance of enhancing land intensive and efficient utilization, as well as the creation of high-level carriers and the aggregation of high-energy projects. The goal is to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, while continuously shaping new dynamics and advantages for high-quality development.

Accompanied by the Chairman, Secretary Cao and his delegation visited SCIHOME. They first explored the SkeXin product experiential center, where Secretary Cao gained a comprehensive understanding of the company’s flagship products, the whole-house selection model, the industrialization of whole-house customization, as well as the recent production and operation situations.

SCIHOME, a leading furniture manufacturer, impressed Secretary Cao with its dedication to innovation and its contribution to the local economy. The Chairman provided detailed explanations on the company’s achievements, highlighting its commitment to customer satisfaction through the integration of cutting-edge design concepts and advanced production techniques.

Secretary Cao acknowledged SCIHOME’s success in embracing the new development concept and promoting industrial transformation. He commended the company’s efforts in enhancing the competitiveness of local industries and nurturing new growth drivers. Secretary Cao expressed his hope that SCIHOME would continue to play a vital role in advancing the overall industrial upgrading agenda of the Xiangcheng District.

In response, the Chairman of SCIHOME expressed gratitude for Secretary Cao’s visit and assurance of continuous commitment to sustainable and innovative development. The Chairman shared the company’s ongoing efforts in expanding research and development capabilities, nurturing local talent, and exploring emerging markets. He emphasized that SCIHOME would remain dedicated to being at the forefront of the furniture industry, contributing to the building of a prosperous and vibrant local economy.

The visit by Secretary Cao exemplifies the government’s focus on industrial development and the cultivation of new growth momentum. Through close collaboration between the public and private sectors, it is anticipated that Xiangcheng District will witness further advancements in industrial innovation, economic prosperity, and overall societal well-being.

In conclusion, Secretary Cao Lubao’s insightful visit to SCIHOME underscored the significance of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. By embracing innovative approaches, adhering to new development concepts, and showcasing their exceptional products, SCIHOME continues to make significant contributions to the development of Xiangcheng District, while ensuring its position as a leading figure in the furniture manufacturing industry.

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